We endeavour to provide our guests a memorable highlight with what we offer in accommodation, meals, hospitality and the farmstay experience which has won the hearts of many guest from world wide

John and Toos were fantastic hosts. I spent two nights here with my 11 year-old daughter, and they did everything possible to make our stay comfortable and fun. The meals were excellent, the conversation even better, and our bedroom and bath were lovely. We had a great day out with John feeding cattle, rounding up sheep, and acting like real New Zealand farmers. Toos was equally gracious, even offering to launder my daughter's muddy clothes after our day in the fields. I would rate this farm stay 10 stars if I could.
Me, my wife and our 3.5 year old son Jasper just spent 3 nights with the wonderful hosts John and Toos at Hiamoe Farmstay and I can honestly say we all had an amazing weekend and a true 'kiwi-experience'. John and Toos embrace you as part of the farm and their family, fantastic company, wonderful food and wide ranging discussions over a glass of vino in front of a roaring fire. We counted Heffers, herded reindeer and sheep and helped clear a paddock of fallen trees - Jasper loved the weekend and we will definitely be returning for a second visit.

In december 2012 we have been traveling afround in Nes Zealand and we have visited the Hiamoe farm for two day's. We got the opportunity to help John with all kind of farm work : we selected cows and helped with putting up fences. Helping om the farm gave us a good impression of agriculture in this part of New Zealand. In the evening we had a very tasteful meal prepared by Toos and after this meal we had à very pleasant time around the fire place.
For everybody who is interested in farm live we can advice this farm stay. John and Toos weer perfect hosts!!!! The farmstay was one of the highlights of our New Zealand trip.

We called John and Toos at 5pm ... looking for lodging for a family of 5 that eve! They took us in with open arms, a delic bottle of wine and roaring hot fires. The conversation covered most countries around the globe while they both simultaneously engaged our three kids with games and treats while fielding all sorts of questions.

We then took over their kitchen as we had not managed to sort dinner before we arrived! And I also needed to do some laundry...Nothing was too much trouble.

After a blissful sleep and breakfast we were all go the next day - we careered around the farm on the 4x4 thingies moving the animals from one field to another, weighing sheep and lambs, admiring the sheepdogs in full action,....and again asking 10 thousand questions. John has incredible patience and allowed the kids to do all sorts of things, although us adults failed our test miserably by not managing to replace the electric fence properly! We still have some learning to do! It was an absolute blast for everyone and a massive learning experience.
We had planned to leave by midday but after a super lunch we were back in action on the farm....we just couldn't tear ourselves away.

John and Toos made our Kiwi experience so special.....we missed them as soon as we had left Hiamoe, as if they were old friends......we are looking forward to having you to stay in Wexford!